Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci

The features in our product lines come from our desire to incorporate versatile functionality with easy to use, elegant designs. Our products are simple yet jammed full of unique features. Below are just a sample of the capabilities within our products.


Our outdoor line of products are designed and tested to withstand whatever mother nature throws at it. All of our products rated for the outdoors are sealed with weatherproof coatings. We have tested them in the most extreme environments to assure your application will work anywhere, every time.


20 Colors

In addition to Classic White, our Q Series and L Series products come capable of 20 tasteful, handpicked colors suited for every occasion. Our Full Color Controllers also have animated Holiday Modes. Don't feel like putting up the Christmas lights this year? No problem. Set your controller for Holiday Mode and make yourself some hot cocoa.


Warm White Adjustment

Warm white color is very subjective. When you buy warm white LEDs from our competitors, you're stuck with whatever color temperature they give you. Get the wrong one, and you are out of luck. But not with us. In our Q Series product line, we simulate 10 different warm whites ranging from 2500K to 6500K. Don't get stuck with the wrong warm white for the application. Just choose your temperature of white once you get home.


Color Matching

Color Matching may just be our most critical feature. We spend countless hours in research and development, and also on our manufacturing process, to ensure the look you get is the look you want. Not only do we use the most precise bins of LEDs, we go above and beyond. With each manufactured batch, we specify the resistors used based on that batch of LEDs. LED binning narrows the matching down pretty well, but that's not good enough for us. We take color matching to the next level.



No need to change lighting hardware or even add temporary lighting for different occasions. We have you covered with the most versatile line of lighting on the market.

Want to light up a walkway for visibility? Step lights on a back porch? Full color accent lights to make your annual 4th of July BBQ that much more memorable? Whatever it is, we have you covered. Our products are specially designed to be versatile and universal to fulfill whatever home lighting needs you may have.


2 Zone Control

2 Zone Control allows for 2 separate groups of lights to be controlled by one controller. With our Wireless Wall Switches, you can pair each switch to a different zone, or even both at once. The choice is yours!


Wireless Wall Switches

Haven Home Lighting's Wireless Wall Switches allow for seamless integration with your home. Need multiple switches for the same controller? Not a problem. You can add as many switches as needed to a controller, allowing you to control your lights from any room in the house.

No holes required — Our wireless wall switches are so thin you don't need to recess them into the wall. Just stick them on or screw them in. It's that easy.


Inputs for automation

Both our Q Series and K Series LED lighting controllers support third party peripherals such as motion sensors, timers, and other home automation hardware and systems. We want to help you get the most out of your home lighting.


Brightness Adjustment

Our lights are really bright so being able to adjust the brightness is important when you are trying to get just the right look. Our products offer a full range of brightness for every color option. So its your choice — work, romance, party, or celebrate.


24V Power

More voltage really is better. We designed our system to run on 24V DC instead of the typical 12V DC for two main reasons. First, we wanted to run at a safe low power voltage rating. Second, we wanted to rid ourselves of color differences in the system. Lights take power. Power takes voltage and current. If you increase the voltage you reduce the amount of current flowing through the system. If you reduce the amount of current you reduce the amount of voltage loss in the system. Voltage loss equals brightness loss. When it comes to full color strip lighting, brightness loss means color differences. We didn’t want any noticeable color difference.


2700K Elegant White

Our Classic White LED Lights are designed to match the look of an incandescent light bulb. We go to great lengths to assure the colors are consistent from batch to batch and product to product. 


Haven Smart Key™ Compatibility

In our L Series Landscape Lighting product line, a wave of the Haven Smart Key™ produces awesome results. You can use it to change the colors of our full color products and/or the brightness in the entire compatible L Series products. This small smart key packs a huge punch in capability. 


LED DriveR for Long Life

Our compatible L Series Landscape lights come with integrated high power LED Drivers for optimal LED life, color, and brightness. This technology is part of what drives our feature rich L Series capability.


12V AC Power

All of our L Series products are made to operate on normal low voltage landscape 12-15V AC power. This makes it very simple to upgrade and make your home a Haven Home.