Choose Landscape product line

Control with the Haven Smart Key™

Not only are the L Series landscape lights one of the most versatile outdoor lighting systems in the world, each light can be fully customized with our Haven Smart Key™. The Haven Smart Key™ uses patent pending technology to change color and adjust for brightness. L Series products come equipped with sophisticated sensors that detect the ‘color’ or ‘brightness’ side of the key. These intelligent lights will always recall their last setting. With no lenses to change or additional equipment to purchase, the L Series products are considerate to both your time and pocketbook. Create a stunning look with a simple wave of the Haven Smart Key™.

Control with your smartphone or tablet

Featuring a variety of brilliant white light and radiant color options, the L Series landscape lights can be managed from the palm of your hand with our simple, user-friendly Haven Smartphone App. This highly intuitive feature allows full control in grouping lights, setting calendar based events or operating lights from multiple locations. Be the envy of your neighborhood by showcasing the ease and fun that can be had in controlling your lights with the Haven Smartphone App.