Indoor/Outdoor Living Collections


Q Series Full Color Collection

Featuring up to 20 color options and exclusive warm white adjustment, the Q Series Collection is unrivaled in best-in-class lighting.

K Series Classic White Collection

The stylish K Series Classic White Collection will easily transform any living space. Allowing full control over brightness levels, this Collection helps capture the ambiance and personality of your home.


The Haven Home Lighting Q Series Outdoor line of products are uniquely suited to add style and flair to your outdoor living space. This entire product line is made for full color versatility. Our adjustable warm white control lets you select the warmth, anywhere from 2500k all the way to 6500k and 8 shades in between. Whether you romance under a dim warm glow or party away with bright colors, it’s your choice with just the press of a button.


Our adjustable warm white control lets you select the warmth of the white color after installation, not before you purchase.



Haven Home Lighting's Wireless Wall Switches allow for seamless integration with your home. Need multiple switches for the same controller? Not a problem. You can add as many switches as needed to a controller, allowing you to control your lights from any room in the house.

No holes required β€” Our wireless wall switches are so thin you don't need to recess them into the wall. Just stick them on or screw them in. It's that easy.