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Full Color LED Strip

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  • Bright. Flexible. Impressive.

    Use strip lighting anywhere for brightness, emphasis and areas hard to light. This LED strip lighting is dimmable, weatherproof, and perfect for indoor and outdoor installation. Available in warm white or full color, and variable lengths, it provides the ultimate versatility for any lighting project. Use for soffits, tres ceilings, capstone applications and much more.

    Length Voltage Current Power
    16 ft. 24V DC 1.5A 36W
    12 ft.
    24V DC
    1.2A 29W
    8 ft.
    24V DC
    0.8A 20W
    6 ft.
    24V DC
    0.6A 15W
    4 ft.
    24V DC
    0.4A 10W
    2 ft.
    24V DC
    0.2A 5W
    1 ft.
    24V DC
    0.1A 3W
    Q-Series Full Color Full Color LED Strips
    Mini (2A) 21 ft
    Mini (4A) 42 ft
    Duo (5A) 53 ft
    Duo (10A) 106 ft (53 ft per channel)
    Wire Length 15 ft
    Backing 3M Double Sided Tape
  • 1 x Haven Full Color LED Strip
    4 x Waterproof Wire Nuts