Cabinet Kick Accent Lights Installation

Kick lighting is an easy, versatile and unexpected way to add light source to any room. With this project, we chose to highlight the toe kick of a kitchen island using Q Series Full Color Accent Lights, Mini Controller and Wireless Wall Switches. This type of lighting is a simple way to create balance of light and add warmth and depth to a room.

Under Cabinet Lights - Step By Step Installation

Our clients were seeking a lighting source that would provide optimum task lighting, while still being able to create a warm and inviting space. We outfitted their kitchen with stylish, easy-to-install K Series Classic White Under Cabinet Lights, Mini Controller and Wireless Wall Switches, allowing for easy regulation of light from anywhere. The dimming capability of the lights added ambiance, while the brightness features added function to their beautiful culinary space.

Capstone Strips Installation

The clients of this project came to us for help in lighting their newly constructed drive-way. We suggested the flexible Q Series - Full Color LED Strips, which would give them fantastic visibility, as well as the option to inject a little fun around the holidays and special occasions.

Under Bar Light Installation

We wanted to emphasize incredible depth in color and ambiance to this outdoor bar area. Using gray Accent Lights and a Duo Controller from our Q Series Collection, we achieved an elevated and tasteful aesthetic.

3 Project Install

Description goes here.

Pergola Party!

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LED Strip Install

Join us as we install LED lighting on this beautiful backyard pool. Installing our LED lighting is very easy. Follow the simple instructions and guides for wire sizing and connections. It is important that you use the recommended wire size to reduce voltage drops especially on long runs from the controller with many lights along that run.